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October 2005

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Rotating Interactive Custom Packaging Yields Breakthrough Product Presentation

360 of rotation showcases all sides of product, spinning retail packaging into a new realm of sales-generation.

For consumer product manufacturers looking for the elusive "Got to have it!" factor in retail package design that stimulates sales on sight, the new Rotating Interactive Packaging from AVC Corporation—a one-stop, vertically-integrated retail packaging facility based in Torrance, California—promises to deliver.  By showcasing all sides of a product via a see-through, 3-D rotating capsule centered within a two dimensional plastic frame that houses the graphic insert card, manufacturers can thoroughly display their product in the most revolutionary custom packaging method now available.

Spinning within its own panoramic globe of clear plastic, a product is free to reveal all of its attributes, from every angle, to inquiring purchasers. This multi-dimensional retail package design stands in contrast to routine custom packaging that only shows the front and back of a product, thus allowing a significant marketing edge to manufacturers seeking to differentiate their product from the competition at the point of purchase.

This new, custom packaging design is particularly suited to products with three dimensional physical attributes that are selling points, such as ultra-thin profile products, or next generation handheld products promoting the unit’s small size.  A broad array of products can take advantage of this new rotating design from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candy, jewelry, watches, toys, batteries, film, small hardware products, and objects d'art, to electronic items such as cellphones, headsets, small radios, and video games.

Secured within a two-dimensional plastic frame that holds the graphic insert card, the free-moving center revolves around two plastic half-axles positioned 180 from each other (at the top and the bottom), allowing 360-rotation of the product for complete inspection by the consumer.

"You can almost see it now; a person picking up the package and spinning the center to check out the product. They call their friend over to feel it.  It gets handed back and forth and pretty soon the customer is walking toward the counter with the product," recounts Moshe Begim, president of contract packaging giant, AVC Corp.  "Where else can you get that kind of interaction with the product that stimulates sales?"

The patented Rotating Interactive Custom Packaging was created to catch the consumer's attention, and then draw them into an active purchase-decision making process that involves the kinetic senses of motion and touch.  The product instantly comes alive in the prospective purchaser's hand instead of lying passively dormant on the shelf as in traditional flat packaging.

Product security is assured via theft-resistant measures built into each Rotating Interactive Package. The product is snugly RF-sealed within the rotating chamber, requiring a knife or scissors for removal. Nor can the chamber itself snap out of the package framework without extensive cutting.

For any large consumer product manufacturer or retailer seeking innovative contract packaging, the new Rotating Interactive Packaging represents an opportunity to significantly differentiate its products from the competition by way of custom packaging.  The eye-catching, activity-inducing, rotating package can provide the necessary advantage when the decision to purchase takes place while standing in front of the display counter.

The Rotating Interactive Package from AVC Corp. is one of many new concepts in retail packaging for new technology.  Along with a full-range of environmentally-conscious products, AVC offers total turnkey contract packaging solutions under a single roof, handling design and pre-press functions as well as tooling and printing.


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Reusable Retail Packaging (RRP) -- Patent Pending
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