AVC Corporation, the ‘one stop shop’ for packaging, inaugurated its new Rancho Dominguez facility recently while at the same time announcing its new global initiative. No longer just a packaging leader, AVC offers global logistics, software uploading, and reconfiguration.


“Packaging is not our primary business anymore,” said Moshe Begim, AVC’s president. “While we will continue to lead the industry in new, unique and inventive environmental packaging concepts,  AVC’s expansion is focused in the direction of value added services such as RMA, reverse and forward logistics, uploading of software, reconfiguration of programming, kitting, transportation services, and supply chain management.”


The real change is the expanded services provided by AVC. Last November, AVC opened its Plainfield, Indiana facility with 150,000 square feet to provide RMA services, forward and reverse logistics, and warehouse capabilities, as well as reconfiguration services. The centralized location allows 2 day delivery by truck east of the Rockies. Of course, the Rancho Dominguez facility is available to guarantee two day delivery throughout the rest of the country.


The third jewel in the logistics crown is AVC’s China operation with 5 facilities that can do all the same packaging, printing and thermoforming that the USA plants can do - and even more - with injection molding. The option of buying China components and sending them to the USA for a final packout is available to all their clients. “The China facilities can package just as good as the USA but sometimes logistics dictates the combination of both worlds and this is our forte,” said Begim.


AVC has expanded its reverse and forward logistics capabilities this year, at all their locations, adding to their already successful RMA and fulfillment programs.  AVC has developed a versatile RMA solution for their clients use as well. “We have put together the ultimate program for our clients,” said Begim. “Have us package your goods in Rancho Dominguez using components from our China facility, ship from AVC to all the ‘big box’ DCs in the USA, and then have AVC handle your RMAs, reverse and forward logistics, including refurbishment. Truly we have it all.”


AVC’s new facility in Rancho Dominguez boasts 150,000 square feet with exceptional security. “Where else can you find 24 foot ceiling high iron fencing separating the warehouse from production areas? Along with that, add over 120 cameras and a security patrol plus a virtual guard system that covers the perimeter 24/7/365.” The ISO9001 certified AVC built 6 ESD labs especially to handle their client’s electronic needs and concerns.


AVC continues to stress its environmental packaging line including the ERB, Enviropack and the new Envirobox. The Envirobox is AVC’s newest rollout boasting zero plastic, security, recyclability, renewability, and of course its compactness, giving you lower freight costs, as well as expanded shelf space. Popping up at Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, and Costco, they are the packaging concept of the 21st century.

By all accounts AVC has changed from the “one stop shop” to the “Global one stop shop.”


Dec 2008 :-AVC has developed 100% Environmentally Conscientious packages demonstrating 100% recyclable packaging solutions.

Feb 2008 :- California plastics packager AVC Corp. sees opportunities to make enviornmental packaging in China, as big-box retailers and consumer product makers try to go green

Jan 2008 :- At the entrance of AVC Corp., silver letters read, "Leading the Way in Environmental Packaging."Guy Marom takes these words to heart.The Torrance company's co-owner and executive vice president, Marom took AVC green about five years ago, and is pushing for the packaging industry to do the same.

Mar 2007 :- AVC Corp., the Torrance, California-based custom retail packaging manufacturer and leader in environmental packagingsolutions, recently unveiled its newest green packaging solution,the EnviroTube™. This eye-catching clear plastic retail packageis made entirely from one type of plastic and can be recycledonce the product is removed.

Nov 2006 :- Belkin Transitions Clamshell Packages into AVC Corp.'s Environmental Rigid Blister: AVC Corp. is working with Belkin to transition its iPod accessories, cables and wireless router products from traditional clamshell packages into an environmentally sustainable packaging alternative.

AVC Fall 2006 Newsletter

August 2006 :- AVC Corp. Announces Joint Venture with Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.: AVC Corp. is pleased to announce a joint venture with Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. The two companies recently signed a contract to open an assembly plant in Reynosa, Mexico where Seiko’s products will be assembled into AVC’s blister packages.

April 2006 :- Retail Packaging Company Urges its Clients to Move Away from PVC: AVC Corp., a leader in environmental packaging solutions, is celebrating this Earth Day by promoting several alternatives to PVC for plastic packaging.

April 2006 :- AVC Introduces Environmental Clamshell Alternative: AVC Corp. announces the introduction of its Environmental Rigid Blister (ERB) package to the market. This new patented design reduces the amount of plastic used, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

April 2006 :- Move Over PVC, Make Room for Clarified Styrene: Responding to growing concern about the potential environmental problems associated with the manufacture and disposal of PVC, more and more manufacturing companies are looking for more environmentally friendly materials to use in product packaging.

March 2006 :- Unique Custom Packaging Model Opens Club Store Doors: Sellers in need of fast retail package design can greatly cut costs while dramatically speeding up the process of getting into club stores by taking advantage of a AVC’s  smart new business concept.

December 2005 :- Reusable Packaging: A totally new, reusable retail package design that looks like a book and acts as a permanent storage device for multi-component products portends to add value for product manufacturers and retailers, while being good for the environment because the customer hangs onto this retail packaging and reuses it indefinitely--saving it from the waste stream.

October 2005:- Rotating Interactive Custom Packaging: 360 degrees of rotation showcases all sides of product, spinning retail packaging into a new realm of sales-generation.